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About CCC

Our Ministry Leaders

Ronald E. Franklin, Pastor

Priscilla A. Franklin, Director of Women’s Ministries

Our Mission

Equipping People For Abundant Life

“. . . I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”  John 10:10b

Our Vision

To Win people from throughout our region to faith in Christ, to Equip them to live abundant and successful lives based on the principles of God’s Word, to Nurture them to full spiritual maturity as evidenced by a lifestyle of obedience to the principles and commands of Scripture, and to Send them forth into ministry to serve, win, and disciple others to Christ using the gifts and abilities He has given them.

Our Core Values

1.   Basing everything we do on the authority of Scripture

6.   Excellence for Christ

2.   Commitment to operating under the Lordship of Christ

7.   Integrity in everything we do

3.   Emphasis on biblical teaching and training

8.   Accountability to God and to one another

4.   Biblical standards for all leaders

9.   Spiritual nurturing to bring spiritual maturity

5.   Emphasis on winning people to Christ

10. Fulfilling Christ’s command to love one another

Our Commitments

Our Ministry Focus:  Teaching God’s Word With Clarity and Integrity

Our Program

Within the overall ministry of our church, we have a special focus on areas such as the following:


To achieve these goals,  we faithfully implement the five basic ministries of the New Testament church:

Worship   Evangelism   Discipleship   Fellowship   Service

Our vision for Worship – We delight in celebrating our Lord’s majesty and goodness through reverent and joyful worship that connects people to God. Our members are free to express their worship to God in all the ways the Bible teaches: by singing, raising hands, kneeling or bowing before the Lord, joyful shouts of praise, etc.

Our vision for Evangelism – We are committed to actively communicating the gospel of Christ throughout our community, nation and world. In our community we provide a continuing program of Community Evangelism (house-to-house), Personal Evangelism (person-to-person), Evangelistic Special Events (seminars, concerts, etc), and Media Outreach (cassette tape, radio and television). At the national and international levels, our commitment is to raise up, send out, and support short term and career missionaries.

Our vision for Discipleship – Our goal is to develop spiritually mature disciples who are guided by the lordship of Christ in every area of their lives, and who are committed to living every day in full obedience to the Word of God. To that end we focus on preaching for biblical understanding and application to life, on classes and seminars that address practical life issues, and on personal mentoring at crucial points in a person’s life and development.

Our vision for Fellowship – Our goal is to be a church known for loving relationships among members and for showing that same love to people in our community. We foster strong relationships through small groups where members experience love, encouragement, guidance, and accountability.

Our vision for Service – Every believer has been given gifts and a calling for service in the name of Christ. Involvement in such service is a fundamental element of each individual’s growth toward spiritual maturity. Therefore, we provide for each member a carefully structured series of service opportunities designed to facilitate spiritual development in the areas of attitude, character, and practical ministry skills. We will also minister the love of Christ in our community through ministries that meet practical needs by providing biblical solutions to the issues people struggle with day by day.

Covenant Community Church
Ronald E. Franklin, Pastor

1745 Derry Street
Harrisburg, PA 17104