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Pastor FranklinPastor Ronald E. Franklin grew up in public housing in Chattanooga, Tennessee before becoming an electrical engineer and manager for high-technology companies such as IBM and EDS. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and received his Masters degree from Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary of Denver, Colorado. Pastor Franklin has served as an Adjunct Professor at Evangelical School of Theology in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, and has also participated in short-term missionary service in Mexico and Israel.

Pastor Franklin has lived in Harrisburg since 1985. He began Covenant Community Church with the purpose of training people throughout the Harrisburg area in the biblical principles that lead to success in life – the “abundant life” Jesus said He came to bring. Pastor Franklin explains the purpose and focus of his ministry in the following words:

The goal of our ministry is to teach the Bible, God’s Word, with CLARITY and INTEGRITY, so that people can be successful in life by living the abundant life that Jesus came to bring us.

Having grown up in public housing in the South, I saw first hand the difference in the quality of life experienced by those who were sincerely and diligently following Jesus, in contrast to those who tried to work life out on their own. That’s why we started this church.

Covenant Community Church is a church where biblical teaching and training are the foundation. The church’s ministry is built directly upon comprehensive teaching of the Bible with clarity and integrity, and upon training members to consistently apply its wisdom in every area of life.


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